Body Therapeutics - & THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE
About the Therapist
Kim Greenlee, LMT, CNMT
Kim has been a licensed massage therapist in Texas since 1991 and is certified in the St. John method of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, a comprehensive technique that addresses the root cause of soft tissue pain and skeletal imbalances in the body.  It is often utilized in medical/clinical massage. She is also certified the Judith Koch method of Prenatal Massage Therapy.
Kim is trained in Mineral Hair Tissue Analysis (HTMA) based on Dr. Eck, Dr. Wilson's, and Analytical Research Labs methods and also certified in Nutritional Balancing Science through the Westbrook University and the Center for Development by Dr. Larry Wilson.  Kim offers HTMA and Nutritional Balancing in conjunction with her massage therapy services.  She believes that nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle choices, stress and toxins are the underlying cause to illness and disease.   For more information on this topic, see Nutritional Balancing on this site.

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